The "Beginnings" of Chicago Tribute Authority
Chicago Tribute Authority is the culmination of the dream of drummer, lead vocalist and founder Brian Clark, a long-time Chicago fan. Auditions and rehearsals started in early 2005 and after more than 18 months charting and rehearsals, the band debuted at Harrah's Lake Tahoe in June 2006. Brian brought together the expertise of eight extremely talented musicians in developing Chicago Tribute Authority; a band that pays TRIBUTE to Chicago by faithfully reproducing their music starting with the first songs in 1967 and continuing to some of their more recent hits.

"Does Anybody Really Know What Band It Is?"
There is No Better Time for a Tribute to Chicago. 2015 marks 48 years of non-stop classic hits from this amazing group! With their release of the long awaited "Stone of Sisyphus" (Chicago XXXII) and the recent release of "NOW" (Chicago XXXVI) in July 2014 plus back-to-back-to-back sold out tours with Earth, Wind & Fire, America, Huey Lewis & the Doobie Brothers - The music of Chicago still resonates with crowds of all ages!

While Chicago Tribute Authority makes no pretense of being the original, they come close enough in their performances to ask yourself "Does Anybody Really Know What Band It Is?"

About Us - The Chicago Tribute Authority Members

Brian Clark - Drums, Lead Vocals, Leader

Following the family tradition of playing drums, Brian has been performing since he was 10. He has performed throughout the United States and Mexico. Brian remembers first hearing Chicago in 1970 at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium and knowing they were really special and that someday he wanted to have the opportunity to perform their music. Chicago Tribute Authority is a highpoint of his musical vision
Don Chiles - Guitar, Vocals

Playing guitar since the 70’s, Chicago’s music was a major influence on Don’s performance style. When called about forming a Chicago tribute band, Don couldn’t say “yes!” fast enough. Don welcomes this opportunity to faithfully recreate the sounds of the legendary Chicago guitarists with CTA and his efforts have been well received by loyal Chicago fans. His amazing recreation of the famous Terry Kath guitar has sparked comments from fans and musicians alike.

John Dengate - Keyboards, Lead Vocals

Born and raised in Northern California, John started piano at the age of 5. He has performed throughout the United States and for the US troops overseas. John’s first time performing Chicago was in Junior High Jazz Band and he was hooked.The caliber of music and musicians involved in Chicago Tribute Authority is the realization of a longtime dream. His "Mr. Bill" sidekick is a nod to long-time Chicago keyboardist Bill Champlin.

Gary Lynn - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Gary switched from guitar to bass at 13 and started playing with Brian Clark and later with a band that opened for the Sons of Champlin a few times in the 70’s. Gary first saw Chicago in Stockton at UOP with Brian, just prior to their infamous Carnegie Hall show. He has been a total fan ever since. When Bill Champlin joined the band for Chicago 16, it knocked him off his feet.

Joe Gotch - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Born near Chicago, Joe was given his first horn at the age of five and prepared for “the family business" of playing music . As a Classical Clarinetist and Jazz Saxophonist, Joe was thrilled when the band Chicago hit the music scene bringing rock'n'roll, jazz, and classical sounds together creating that distinctive style. Now playing these great songs is a full-blown kick.

Andy Delao - Trombone

A native Californian, Andy has played trombone since the age of 10. Andy has toured Europe twice, performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. One of his greatest thrills was hearing Chicago for the first time live at the Greek Theatre in 1972 (they opened with “Fancy Colours”).

Jeremy Bolt - Trumpet, Clarinet, Vocals

A Berklee College of Music graduate, Jeremy is excited to be part of Chicago Tribute Authority in addition to his other musical endeavors as educator, conductor and composer. His interest in Chicago began with his first boy-girl party, where he danced the night away to the dynamic sounds of the power ballads on "Chicago 17" Jeremy charts all the horn parts for the group.

Paul Benavidez - Lead Vocals, Percussion

When Paul was first asked to join CTA, he thought that he was joining "CHICANO" Tribute Authority. Being a former lead vocalist for the legendary rock group, MALO, (Yes, Really) he knew he was a shoo-in for the job. He got questions 67 & 68 right. Question 67: Can you sing like Peter Cetera? Question 68: Yeah, that's good, but can you do it in English?



Photos ©2011 David Rocco Photography