"Thanks for a wonderful concert. We've had headliner bands (Kansas, Bad Company, America, Blood Sweat & Tears, etc.) and Chicago Tribute Authority wowed the 5,000+ that attended! We did not miss the headliners. Personally, I am a Chicago 'aficionado' and must say that you sound as good the original." Entertainment Manager, Rancho Cordova 4th of July Celebration.



In Memory of Brian…

"Last year Chicago Tribute Authority had the honor to perform at the Triumph Uncorked Event at Helwig Winery. It was an evening of great food, wine and outstanding music in an effort to support an amazing cause. The Triumph Cancer Foundation is a small local nonprofit that is 100%-volunteer based. Since 2005, they have provided Triumph Fitness, a 12 week program, to adult cancer survivors to help them regain their strength and stamina after cancer treatment. All the funds raised from Triumph Uncorked were used to fund this wonderful program - the only one of its kind in our area.

This was a cause we all were proud to support as each and everyone of us has had our lives touched in various ways by cancer. Little could we know that less than a year later our CTA family would experience the profound loss of our founder, friend, and brother, drummer Brian Clark to the same disease.

While our story did not have a happy ending, there are thousands who have survived and continue to fight the good fight. Triumph Cancer Foundation is doing great work helping cancer survivors get strong again and we ask that you support this cause. The 5th annual Triumph Uncorked event's featured band is our friends
Caravanserai - The Santana Tribute Band and the event is being held on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at Helwig Winery. To purchase tickets go to"

Past Performances: - SOME OF THE BEST DATES EVER!
Chicago Tribute Authority experienced 7 miles of paradise in beautiful Dana Point on Sunday. With a growd of over 4,000 it was a Rocking Weekend for the supporters of 5th Marine Regiment from Camp Pendleton which recently left for Afghanistan. They are all in our thoughts and prayers. "Semper Fi!"

Watch for some amazing photos of this event from photographer Jim Sullivan or look him up on facebook and check out his great photos today!

Tijuana, MEXICO- Enjoy the fun with Chicago Tribute Authority on their second trip south of the border with this great rendition of 25 or 6 to 4!